Friday, April 5, 2013

Go to every Baylor football game? Why not!

When the 2013 Baylor football schedule was released, I noticed that besides the 6 home games, three of the games were close to home: TCU, 25 minutes away, Tech at Cowboys Stadium, 15 minutes away, and SMU, 35 minutes away.  That only left Kansas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State.  Since we always go to Baylor's home games, and since the 3 D/FW games are so close, I figured, why not try to go to all of Baylor's road games, too?

Since that time, SMU dropped Baylor, and Baylor added a home game, so that makes things even easier: 7 home games, 2 Tarrant County games that I could practically ride my bike to, and 3 out of
state games.  It's a plan!  We're going to go to EVERY BAYLOR GAME in 2013!  (Bowl game pending, of course. . . .)
Elliot and Zippy in 2005, on Dr. and Mrs. Reynolds's front porch.
This blog will provide some anticipation for the 2013 Baylor football season, and give reports along the way as we follow the Baylor Bears squad.  Let me introduce the fans.  Me: Paul, a lifelong Baylor fan and proud Baylor graduate.  I have been attending Baylor games as long as I can remember.  I can't say I've never missed a home game, but I don't miss many.  For four years I lived in Michigan, and managed to get to at least one home game each year.  My partners in fanhood: Elliot, a lifelong Baylor fan, at first because I am, but now he has embraced Baylor and, most days, can been seen wearing some sort of Baylor garb; and Zippy, who would definitely call himself a Baylor fan, but who is mostly concerned with whether or not we will be able to buy popcorn or other snacks at the games.

If you're a Baylor fan, and especially if you want to join us at EVERY BAYLOR GAME drop us a line.

Sic 'em Bears!

Baylor's playing? We'll be there!

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I'm in! Sic 'em!