Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring game--Baylor wins!

We still have 147 days to wait until kick-off of the 2013 Baylor football season, but a few hundred Baylor faithful got a preview of the season at Baylor's spring scrimmage.  This was essentially an open practice, without a lot of fireworks, but I enjoyed being there.  Elliot said "That was not as fun as I thought it would be," and after about half an hour, Zippy spent most of the remainder of the time asking how much longer until we could leave.  He was disappointed that there weren't snacks for sale.  Plus, I couldn't convince them to stick around for the baseball game.  Elliot declared that college baseball games are not as fun as professional baseball games, based on his experience of having attended exactly ZERO college baseball games in his life!  I try, I try.
Me with my two Baylor fan buddies.
Some pictures and observations:

Based on today's short workout, the running game will be much more impressive than the passing game this year.  We remember how Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin turned up the heat in the running game toward the end of last season.  They both had some breakout runs today, Martin looking fast and strong, Seastrunk showing his fancy footwork.
I'm not sure who this O lineman is, but I hope he will learn to block for Petty
without holding the defensive player's face mask.
On the other hand, on some series, the defense really shut down the running game.  I choose to believe that is an indication of strength on the defensive side of the ball, rather than weakness of the running game.  (Am I viewing the team through green and gold colored glasses?  Probably.)
Probable starter Bryce Petty took some snaps today, but we also saw Andrew Frerking, Chris Johnson, and Seth Russell at QB.  I saw a few bright spots, but I saw too many passes on the turf. . . . Let's just say this Baylor fan hopes the Quarterback Whisperer can work some magic over the next 4 months!

It was great to see Coach Drew and some of his team show up with the NIT trophy!  Those guys frustrated Baylor fans with some inconsistent play, huge wins and tough, close losses, but they stepped up and played some awesome games, bringing home the hardware from Madison Square Garden.  It's fun to end the season with a win!
Congratulations to Scott Drew and his NIT champion Bears!

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