Thursday, July 25, 2013

An on the field moment: Parents Weekend 1989

I never have doubted that I have the greatest parents in the world.  I believed it growing up, and still do today.  It was nice when, in the fall of my junior year at Baylor, that feeling was affirmed by the Baylor Parents' League.  Mom and Dad were announced as Parents of the Year at After Dark on Friday night, then recognized on field at the Baylor/Tech game on Saturday.  (By the way, Baylor won 21-15.)

My oldest sister Laura, a 1985 graduate, and my brother Mark, who was in high school at the time, but who would graduate in 1994 from Baylor were there.  By coincidence, I was the only current Baylor student in the family at the time Mom and Dad were honored.  I can assure you that when they were evaluating potential honorees, I didn't come into consideration!  They must not have realized that we were related until after the decision was made and it was too late. . . .

I was proud of them, and was pleased that they were recognized for all they do to support and promote Baylor.

Thanks to Mrs. Moore for putting together this cool framed memento.
Mom and Dad still have it displayed at home.

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