Sunday, July 28, 2013

I want a Dr Pepper bottle!

As any Baylor fan can tell you, a great point of pride at Baylor and in Waco is the fact that Waco is the birthplace of Dr Pepper.  Created in the 1880s at the Old Corner Drug Store, it is now enjoyed around the world, but the ties to Baylor remain strong.

One sign of those ties is the tradition of Dr Pepper's production of bottles commemorating conference championships.  Unfortunately, these are rare items, treasured by Baylor fans.  In recent years, we have enjoyed seeing a couple of commemorative bottles after the Lady Bears' basketball national championship seasons.  I don't want to downplay those championships at all, but I am ready for another football bottle!

The last time the Bears won the conference championship was in 1980, with Mike Singletary, Walter Abercrombie, and Jay Jeffrey.  (Technically, they shared the title in 1994 with half the conference--five teams were 4-3 in conference play--because undefeated A&M was ineligible. . . . But that doesn't really count.)  We've had some great seasons in recent years.  After a long drought, with years and years of losing records, we finally have gone to bowl games--three in a row!  We have our Heisman Trophy winner, we have a new stadium taking shape.

But we don't have a bottle!  I want a bottle!  With all the hype and optimism surrounding the Bears this summer, I beginning to BELIEVE!

Two bottles.  Let's have another "season of glory" and get a third!

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