Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old Main Lodge: RIP

 For many Baylor fans, the Old Main Lodge has been a home away from home for football weekends since 1974.  Alas, after nearly 40 years of hosting visitors to Baylor, it has been bulldozed.

My family's favorite place to stay when coming to Baylor games was Fort Fisher, but sometimes a hotel was called for.  I particularly remember staying here on RA Day weekends.  (RA Day might be cause for a whole post of its own. . . .)

Located just off I-35, across the street from Truett Seminary and Russell Hall, no hotel had easier access to campus.  On Homecoming weekend, you could stay in your room until you heard the bands, and walk to campus to watch the parade, arriving before the BUGWB.  I'm sure every room was rented every weekend of a home football game, but now that the new stadium is going up across the river, this would have been an even hotter property.

The Baylor Lariat published a short article on the hotel's razing.  Maybe it wasn't much in terms of luxury, but Old Main Lodge earned a place as a favorite Baylor hotel.  It will be missed.
That's Old Main Lodge in the top left. Russell Hall on the bottom, Truett Seminary on the right.
You can't get any closer to campus than this.
I guess Dutton Ave. is also a numbered road, 434. Who knew.

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