Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Baylor Line, 1987

One of the great Baylor game day traditions is the Baylor Line, Baylor's freshman spirit group, formed in 1970.  Before each game, they gather outside the south end zone, run onto the field in their matching yellow jerseys, and create a human tunnel for the football team to run through.  Although it has looked a little different through the years, this was one tradition in which I always looked forward to participating.

My freshman year, 1987, I drank it in!  I was there every game, back when we had the card section, and when the Line was all men.  If we had a date to the game, they would have to wait in the seats until we completed our manly duty to run like a fool across the football field.  Women were admitted to the Line in 1993, shortly after I graduated.  From my perspective on the alumni side of Floyd Casey Stadium, it appears that they have honorably upheld and continued this great Baylor tradition.
Here am I with some of the gang from Penland at our first game as Baylor Line members.  Baylor started this season 5-1, but hit a rough spot in the last five games, going 1-4.  Still, it was a winning season.  I wish I could remember everyone's names.  That's Glen Greiner on the bottom left, Allison next to me, Phil at the top . . . beyond that, I'm drawing a blank. Sorry.

(By the way, remember Flash?  In the age of Instragram and camera phones, Flash is somewhat obsolete.  The Flash photographer came to all the events, snapping shots like this, then we would make a pilgrimage to he Flash store to browse through hundreds of pictures looking for familiar faces.  Quite a difference from today.)

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