Sunday, October 6, 2013

Game 4: Baylor 73, West Virginia 42

Another Baylor game, and yet another Baylor blowout!  At every game this year, Baylor has set or matched records for scoring and offensive yards.  Every week, we're told, "Wait until Baylor plays somebody. . . ."  Well this somebody beat preseason Big 12 favorite and then #11 Oklahoma State last week, and they came to town and Baylor owned them from the first series.  56-14----at halftime!  I know I am looking through green and gold colored glasses, but I don't think there's a team in the country that Baylor can't beat!  

The weather was perfect for football!  Jackets and hoodies were called for, but no rain gear.  The team's shiny gold helmets looked awesome under the lights.  And I talked Zippy into coming along this week. We started off with the Bear Foundation dinner in the south end zone.  See that cookie in front of Elliot?  That's mine.  His dinner didn't come with a cookie, so he commandeered mine.  I did make him split it with Zippy.

I don't know why this goofy boy objects to having his picture taken.  He's a cute kid, trust me.  On this night he wavered between, "Do I have to go?" to "I want to come to more games" to "How much longer until we leave" to having a great time goofing around with his cousins.  Big thanks to Drew and Evan for keeping him entertained.

I never do get tired of this sight: the scoreboard with Baylor on top.  This final looks much closer than the game actually was.  Like I said, it was over when Baylor was up 56-14 at the half.  Or maybe it was over when Baylor was up 28-7 after less than 11 minutes of the game.  WVU scored some garbage touchdowns off some turnovers when our backups were in (still too much scoring on that side of the ball, but it didn't make any difference.)  In any case, Baylor was completely dominant the entire time.  Look out, Kansas State!  I would love to see another 70 point game!

Zippy spend an unusual amount of time with his hoodie tied all the way up.

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slothsrcool said...

Really fun first half. Sad how sloppy the second half got. Seth Russell did not look as good as he had in the first three games. I hope that was just a glitch.

Don't want to be negative, but two problems came out of the WVU game. One, Ahmad Dixon got hurt. Don't know how serious yet, but we cannot afford to be without him in November. Two, our cornerbacks were exposed as our weakest link. Teams like TCU, TT, OSU, and OU will exploit that easily. Hopefully, though, we can still score more than they can!