Friday, November 8, 2013

Game 8: Baylor 41, Oklahoma 12

Before the game. Glen is confident OU is #1.
Wow!  In my 30-something years of going to Baylor football games, I don't think I've ever seen a game as highly anticipated, a crowd as hyped, and a win as important as Baylor's 41-12 win over Oklahoma last night!  The blackout was as black as could be, and the Sooner fans in attendance went home shocked, disappointed, and perhaps a little more respectful of the emergent Baylor Bears.

We weren't able to leave Fort Worth until after school, so we didn't get there in time for much pregame activity.  But when we did arrive at our seats, I notice that more than half an hour before kickoff the student section was packed!  The tarpless endzone was filling up fast, and the atmosphere was electric!

Singing That Good Ol' Baylor Line. 

Rarely, if ever, have I seen the east stands this full.  The black looked pretty cool.  Notice the yellow Baylor line.  After Baylor's first TD, they took off their yellow jerseys, waved them like a rally towel, and stayed black the rest of the night.  Nice touch.
Is my nephew really old enough to have a girlfriend?  'Fraid so.

Just a random play, watching Bell try to find a man open, which he didn't very often.  He was 15/35 with 2 interceptions.  Lots of pressure all night.

Nobody open.  Tries to run. Doesn't get far. The story of Bell's night.

The tarpless south end zone!  Full of people in black shirts!  Stunning!

Not many people left early from this one!

It's a beautiful thing.  Another win.  A school-record win streak.  The first time ever to 8-0.
Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Still friends after the game.  And Glen still thinks OU is number one.

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