Sunday, November 17, 2013

Game 9: Baylor 63, Texas Tech 34

The Texas Farm Bureau Shootout has quickly become a tradition of shootouts!  This one didn't end up being as close as recent games in this series, but a shootout it was.  Baylor was up by 1 at the end of the first quarter, and up by 8 at the half.  By that time, even though it was close, the momentum was in Baylor's favor, and the second half was all Baylor.
Credit goes to Tech, for coming out guns blazing, scoring TDs on their first 3 drives, taking a 14-0 lead, then after Baylor finally scored a TD, a 20-7 lead.  But when Baylor's Levi Norwoord ran a punt back for a touchdown, then Baylor scored a TD late in the 2nd quarter to go up 35-27, it was over for Tech.  More credit goes to the Bears, who played without their top receiver and 2 top running backs, and who didn't let Tech's fast, dominating start intimidate them.  As Briles told the team after the game, they proved tonight that they are a great team.

We sat way up in the highest section.  We weren't in the highest row, but it was high.  The best part about that is that when you sit that high, you get a nice view of the band's formations.  These were in the pregame show.  Their halftime tribute the armed forces was cool, as they marched in the shapes of a tank, a ship, a submarine, and jets, complete with contrails!  They are a fun band to watch, inspiring my budding percussionist to dream about marching.

Sitting up high, you definitely are in a position to see plays develop, and with the enormous screen hanging in front of you, you can catch a close up of the action there.  Personally, I'd rather sit up high than in those field-level boxes.  It seems like there you would have a perfect view of the legs of people on the sidelines, and very little view of the field of play . . . .
Besides the final score, the best part of the night was catching up with my pledge brothers John and Pat and their wives.  It's hard to believe it was nearly a quarter of a century ago that we met at Baylor!
Elliot, my best Baylor fan buddy, and I have made it to all 9 games.  Three regular season games to go, then a bowl game!  But first, we have to knock of Oklahoma State in Stillwater next week.
Since AT&T Stadium doesn't have a traditional scoreboard like most stadiums have, I couldn't get a proper shot of the final score.  Trust me, this shows the final, 63-34.  (If anyone has a better scoreboard picture, e-mail me!)

Sic 'em!!

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