Monday, December 30, 2013

Bowl Week: Fiesta Bowl Bound!

It's Bowl Week!

Monday morning Elliot and I got up early to drive to Salado to meet Mom and Dad for the drive to Glendale.  I am thankful to be driving with them.  While it would not have been impossible for me to drive the entire route with Elliot as co-pilot, it will be nice to share the driving while sharing lots of time with #1 Baylor fans, Mom and Dad!

I was thinking about the last time Baylor won a conference championship.  I was in 6th grade, and Baylor went undefeated in the Southwest Conference, earning a spot in the Cotton Bowl.  Sadly, they had little answer for Bear Bryant and his Alabama Crimson Tide team, who won 30-2.

What do I remember?  Not as much as I'd like. . . . I remember that we stayed at La Quinta on Central Expressway. . . . I remember sitting in the way back of the station wagon, facing backwards, and an Alabama lady in the car behind us mocking me with fake crying after the game. . . .  I remember coming back to school and taking down the sign on which I had been posting the scores of every game. . . .

Elliot is 2 years older than I was that year, and much more engaged and knowledgable about football, so hopefully his memories of the Fiesta Bowl will be clearer and, well, more memorable.  And that's what this season has been all about, making memories.  Sure, it would be cheaper and easier to stay home and watch the game on TV.  But that's not how memories are made.

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