Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bowl Week: Fiesta Bowl Pep Rally

We finally arrived in Arizona (it's a long way out here!).  We decided to go straight to the pep rally, at the team hotel in Scottsdale, before going to our hotel in Glendale. 

The timing was perfect. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a young lady leaving the hotel. I thought, "That looks like RG3's wife." Then I realized that the man just ahead of her was RG3!  I fell in step with her and said hi, then I found myself standing there with Coach Art Briles and RG3! I was a bit star-struck, I must admit. 

I wish I could tell you about the great conversation we had, but needless to say there were a few other people who wanted to chat. I did get to shake hands with RG3 and talk to these two Baylor greats for a moment. 

We stayed there in front of the hotel and watched as the team loaded the buses to go to their final practice. It was fun seeing them in their street clothes, joking around with each other and with the fans present. 

After milling around for a bit, we headed to the back of the hotel where the pep rally would be held.
It was a good sized crowd of Baylor faithful. The band, the cheerleaders, Bruiser, and the Voice of the Bears, John Morris, rallied the crowd.
Baylor great Walter Abercrombie, who led the Bears to their last conference championship, had some good words. 
Briles and the team came back from practice in time for a Walk of the Bears. Briles is here with the seniors, the winningest senior class in Baylor history, getting ready to play on their fourth consecutive bowl game. 
The highlight of the night for Elliot was getting to meet Lache Seastruck, the Big 12's leading rusher, and Antwon Goodley, who leads the Big 12 in receiving yards. Both of these young men  were very friendly to Elliot and seemed happy to visit with fans.

The rally has us pepped up, the players seemed excited and ready to play, and the fans are ready for some football!

Sic 'em!

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