Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baylor Stadium Update: 12/30/13

The biggest Baylor Stadium update this week is that Baylor Stadium will not be called Baylor Stadium, but McLane Stadium.  You may recall that when the Drayton McLane family made the initial seed gift (amount undisclosed, but it was a lot), they said that the stadium belonged to the Baylor family, and they wanted it to be named Baylor Stadium.

I don't know what all went on behind the scenes, but the regents apparently thought the McLanes ought to be recognized for their generosity for the life of the facility, so they decided to change the name.  As long as the McLanes are OK with that, I'm OK with that.  I am grateful for the McLane family's generosity to Baylor and will enjoy many games at the new stadium.

On the way to meet my mom and dad in Salado, to join them for the drive west to Glendale, Elliot and I stopped for a look at the progress.  The crews had been busy, even during the holidays.
 The roof is coming along, and you can see the first set pedestrian bridge pilings on the right side of the picture below.
 This picture shows the second pilings out into the river.
 And here the next one going in . . . .
 In this picture, it appears that the suites dominate the west side of the stadium.  Again, I'm pretty excited that so many people put up big bucks to sit in these premium seats.  If they want to give more to the stadium building project than I'll probably ever make in my lifetime, let them have an air-conditioned, catered, fifty-yard-line seat with all the perks!  (And if they want to invite me to join them for a game, well, I'd be delighted to come!)

Sic 'em!!

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