Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baylor Stadium Watch: 9/7/13

Things are moving right along on the new stadium!  We stopped by after Baylor's 70-13 victory over Buffalo, imagining plenty of future victories in the new Baylor stadium.  It's not a huge change from last week; it does look like they are putting in the seating area in the east side stands. 

This second picture was taken downstream a bit from where the first was taken, closer to where the bridge will be.  There are pilings in the river for the bridge, and you can see the grey concrete on the right where the bridge will end up.

Elliot granted me permission to take a picture of him with this cool bear.  It's in front of the law school, which will be a high-traffic area on game day next year!

These Baylor fans can't wait until game 1 in the new Baylor stadium!  But first, ULM on 9/21.  Sic 'em!

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