Sunday, September 15, 2013

Counting chickens

I know, I know, it's way to early to be counting our chickens, but since Baylor was off Saturday, I thought I'd take a look at our opponents' records so far and see how, in my limited, and admittedly VERY biased perception, the Bears might stack up.

9/27: University of Louisiana-Monroe. 2-1.  W
Shut out by OU, but held them to "only" 34 points.  Blew out Grambling State.  Close win over Wake Forest.  Baylor had to fight for the win in Monroe last season.  I don't know if we'll put up 69 or 70 next weekend, but we might.

10/5: West Virginia.  2-1.  W
Hard fought win over FCS William and Mary.  Struggled against OU in a fumble-fest.  Blew out Georgia State.  This team is severely weakened, and will not be putting up 70 on Baylor like they did in the air war last season.

10/12: Kansas State.  2-1.  W
Upset by N. Dakota State.  Solid win over Louisiana-LaFayette.  One-sided victory over U. Mass.  KSU also lost a lot of weapons from last year's Big 12 Championship team, but they will be hungry to avenge their upset in Waco.  I still think Baylor can come away from Manhattan with the win.

10/19: Iowa State.  0-2.  W
Upset by FCS Northern Iowa.  Lost to Iowa.  So far, it looks like ISU will be battling Kansas for last place in the Big 12.  Baylor should win this one easily.

10/26: Kansas.  1-1.  W
Nice win over FCS South Dakota.  Bummer of a loss to Rice.  I still cringe at the memory of RG3 having to come back and win in OT the last time Baylor played at KU.  I'm hoping this one will be a Baylor win by a large margin.

11/7: Oklahoma.  3-0.  W
Shut out Louisiana-Monroe.  Hard-fought, ugly win over W. Virginia.  Blew out Tulsa.  They're Oklahoma.  Baylor has beat them ONE time!  Ever!  But in this Thursday night game in Waco, I think Baylor can send the Sooners home with a loss.

11/16: Texas Tech.  3-0.  W
Win over SMU.  Big win over Stephen F. Austin.  Ugly, questionable win over TCU.  The last several times we've played, it's lived up to the "shootout" part of the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Shootout name.  Baylor can win this one.

11/23: Oklahoma State.  3-0.  W
Solid win over Mississippi State.  Blew out UTSA.  Blew out Lamar.  This may be Baylor's toughest Big 12 game.  I don't think Baylor has won in Stillwater before.  This will be the first time.

11/30: TCU.  1-2.  W
Respectable loss to LSU.  Big win over SE Louisiana, but a costly win, as the QB broke his arm.  Questionable loss to Tech.  Last year, the backup QB came to Waco and humbled the Bears.  I expect Baylor to find a way to win this one in Fort Worth.

12/7: Texas.  1-2.  W
Blew out New Mexico State.  Defensive line got blown out by BYU's running game.  Shut out in the second half in the loss to Ole Miss.  Can Mack Brown fix that defense?  Floyd Casey Stadium will be packed and rocking for the last game there. Baylor wins.

Can Baylor go undefeated in the Big 12, winning their first conference championship in 33 years, and possibly getting a chance to play for a national championship?  It's hard to go undefeated, no matter how deep your talent is.  Is it likely that Baylor will prevail in the rest of their games?  The better question is, Is it possible.  Baylor has the talent, the depth, and the passion to make it happen.

Sic 'em!

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