Sunday, September 1, 2013

Game 1: Baylor 69, Wofford 3

At long last, college football season has begun!  And for Baylor fans, it began in record-breaking fashion.  I don't know if this was the hottest start to a Baylor game ever, but the heat was a factor for sure, with triple digits at game time.  The heat didn't keep many away though.  The crowd of 44,989 was the second largest home opener ever at Floyd Casey Stadium, behind only a meeting with Oklahoma in 1973.

Other records broken: Heisman trophy candidate Lache Seastrunk ran for 111 yards on only 11 carries, his Baylor-record-breaking 5th consecutive 100 yard game.  Aaron Jones, who already holds the Baylor career scoring record, kicked his 46th career field goal, another Baylor record.  The Bears just kept on scoring: Baylor's 69 points is the 4th highest score in Baylor history, the highest ever at FCS.

Our day began at home, watching "RGIII: The Will to Win," which follows the Baylor legend from injury through recovery.  Best wishes to the Baylor legend as the NFL season begins!  Then Elliot, Zippy, a couple of their buddies and I hit the road for Waco.  We stopped by campus to allow the Baylor Bookstore to part us with some money.  The bookstore was quite crowded, a good sign that the game would be well-attended.

Drew, Evan, Elliot, David, Zippy, and Jordan, working up a sweat by sitting in the shade.
In spite of our longer-than expected stop on campus, we got to Touchdown Alley in time to enjoy a Fuddrucker's burger, courtesy of the Baylor Alumni Network.  Bellies full, we headed to our seats.  All of Mark's family, including his mother-in-law came out for this one, so we filled the 8 Mastin seats, plus the row behind us (knowing the Meyers weren't coming).  Thankfully the seats were already in the shade, making us thankful once again that our tickets aren't on the east side of the stadium.

Ken Starr, loving college life!
The stadium was filling up, the band played the fight song and spelled out BAYLOR as they always do, then it was time for the Baylor Line to run the field.  I don't know if Baylor is the only school where students run the field to form a path by which the players enter, but I haven't seen it elsewhere.  Surely we're the only one at which the university president runs out with the freshmen, leading the charge!  I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm Ken Starr shows for students and life at Baylor.

The Baylor Line seemed larger than ever, as the field filled with their gold jerseys.  Soon the team came running through the tunnel in their new green uniforms (I guess metallic gold helmets are in reserve for a future game).  The prayer by Nick Florence, the coin toss, and the 2013 Baylor football season began!

Baylor got the ball first, and wasted no time setting the tone for the day.  Within a matter of moments, Baylor was on the board with a 7-0 lead.  By the time the first quarter ended, Baylor was up 28-0, including 2 rushing TDs, a passing TD and a blocked Wofford pass that Chris McAllister ran 25 yards for a touchdown.  About that time Wofford was probably wishing for a lightning storm to end the game early.

Baylor continued to dominate the whole night, never allowed a TD, and only had to punt once.  The competition is only going to get tougher, but there is plenty of reason for Baylor fans to be encouraged by the Bears' performance.  Baylor's win was not unexpected, but the final score of 69-3 was quite a bit more lopsided than I would have predicted.  All in all, it was just about a perfect night: watching a Baylor win with my boys, my parents, and my brother and his family at Floyd Casey.  Next week: Buffalo!  See you there!
Baylor's first play of 2013: the predictable, reliable bubble screen.
Baylor's first points of 2013: Glasco Martin rushing TD.
The 2013 NIT champions, with their Maui Invitational surf board.
My favorite people with whom to watch a Baylor game!
All smiles after Baylor's first win of 2013.
I love the fact that the field became a free-for-all playground after the game!
And I love the fact that the scoreboard shows Baylor on top.  More to come!


slothsrcool said...

Fun night and a great start to the season. Better bring an air conditioner this week.

feltsdia said...

I am loving all of the history and enthusiasm! Keep it coming! Sic 'em!