Sunday, September 8, 2013

Game 2: Baylor 70, Buffalo 13

Another Baylor game, and another week of broken records!  It was a hot one in Waco, although not as hot as I anticipated, but the action on the field was really hot!  Baylor broke the record set last week for the most points scored at Floyd Casey Stadium (and in what Baylor calls the "modern era"), and broke the school record for offense, 781 yards (!!!).  Bryce Hager's fumble return for a TD was the second longest in school history.  And Lache Seastrunk ran for over a hundred yards for the 6th game in a row, the longest streak in the nation right now.
The Baylor Line was a little smaller this week.
Even college freshmen might stay home on a hot game day.
 The first team offense lit up the scoreboard, scoring 28 points in each of the first 2 quarters.  I had predicted a score of 49-13, and when Baylor scored so quickly, I realized I aimed too low.  At one point the score was 42-13, and Buffalo looked like it was about to score, tainting my prediction.  But then the tough Baylor defense forced a fumble, which Hager grabbed and took 91 yards down the filed for a TD.  So my prediction was met--with 5 minutes left in the first half!  After halftime, it took about 60 seconds for Baylor to score another TD.  The first team offense came out, and, like last week, a bunch of down-the-roster players got game time.  I love the depth of this team!

There weren't many Buffalo fans to begin with.  But they didn't last long.
I think this was toward the end of the 3rd quarter.
 The Mastin clan was not quite as well represented this week.  Zippy elected to stay home this week, not wanting to sit in the heat.  From Mark's family, only Mark and Drew came.  And of course, Mom and Dad were there.  Elliot and I rode to the game with Mom and Dad, and with several minutes left in the game, Mom asked if my desire to go to every Baylor game meant staying for every minute.  She sweetly stuck around so we could see the very end. . . . I figure if you're coming to a game, you might as well stay for the whole thing!

Any time Baylor's on the winning side of this scoreboard is a good day!

The game was not as well-attended as last week's, which was to be expected for a day game with temperatures just under 100 degrees at kickoff.  But it was still a decent crowd, announced at 39,126.  I have a feeling with the Bears winning, the crowds will only get bigger.  Good luck getting a ticket to the Oklahoma and Texas games, if you haven't already!  Now two more weeks until the next blowout.  Sic 'em!
I love this mosaic in the Floyd Casey Stadium lobby.
The west side of the stadium, with Teaff, Singletary, Briles and Griffin, Baylor greats all.

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