Sunday, September 29, 2013

Checking out the competition: TCU

Baylor didn't play today, and Kelly's parents had TCU tickets they weren't using, so Zippy, our buddy Ethan, and I headed over to Amon G. Carter Stadium to see what the Horned Frogs could do against SMU in the Battle for the Iron Skillet.  We saw some pretty sloppy football.  We left at halftime, after which the weather got really sloppy.

The football team runs out through the band and show girls.  That's pretty cool, but I like the Baylor Line better.

I think Zippy and Ethan had a good time.  They got their snacks before kickoff, and when they were done with their snacks, halfway through the first quarter, they were ready to go home.  I wasn't surprised at all; as we were walking to the stadium, Zippy was already asking how love we "have"to stay. 

TCU did a complete rebuild of Amon Carter a couple years ago.  I love this feature, the stairs the width of the band section leading onto the field.  I think I have seen the same feature in the drawings of the new Baylor Stadium.
Amon Carter is a great stadium.  The concourses are wide open, so you can see the game from many of the concession areas.  Elliot and I also went to the Grambling State game last year.  Since it was not very well-attended we moved around, watching from both end zones, the highest seats on the west side, and from the big donor seats near the field.  There's really not a bad seat in the house.  Baylor Stadium will be better, with the covered seating, and a more symmetrical look.

So yes, TCU's stadium is great, but Baylor's will be better.  More importantly, TCU's team is pretty good, but Baylor's is better.  TCU looked downright terrible in the first half.  Boykin was 7 of 16 in the first half, and TCU was down 10-7 at halftime.  The bright spot was the defense.  SMU's offense is dismal, and TCU's defense is stout.  SMU had negative rushing yards in the first half and ended up with only 16 for the game.  Without SMU's Gilbert throwing 4 interceptions, this game could have been a lot closer.

I cheer for TCU as my hometown team, and I want them to win all their games--when they're not playing Baylor.  But the memory of Baylor's meltdown against TCU last year in Waco still stings.  This year will be different.  My early prediction (they don't play until Thanksgiving weekend) is that Baylor will win by at least 3 touchdowns.

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